Condition Assessment

Thielsch Engineering Piping

A successful, cost-effective condition assessment of piping systems and industrial equipment requires engineering, project management, and technical professionals with the expertise to accurately assess existing conditions, identify areas most susceptible to failure, and provide valuable recommendations for maintenance or repair. Thielsch Engineering personnel have inspected over 10,000 piping systems, pressure vessels, compressors, and other equipment in various types of industrial plants, including refineries, power plants, and chemical plants. Our experts have first-hand knowledge of plant engineering, from project management to construction to startup, and possess a thorough understanding of support systems, stress analyses, finite element analyses, and mechanical and structural engineering.


Thielsch Engineering C Gaul The key component of any condition assessment is inspection. Thielsch Engineering provides yearly inspection services to over 75 utility companies, including over 320 generating stations. Yearly inspection schedules provide our clients with the history of their plant equipment. The information obtained through condition assessments can identify potential hazardous conditions before they lead to failure.


Thielsch Engineering personnel have the expertise, methodological approach, and tools required to evaluate specific conditions and to recommend and implement cost-effective upgrades. Through the performance of condition assessments, our clients experience the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective solutions to potential problems
  • Risk management (run vs. repair/repair vs. replacement)
  • Remaining life assessment (TESTLA)
  • Plan for capital investments
  • Schedule for repairs
  • Nondestructive examinations such as visual, magnetic particle, ultrasonic wall thickness, videoborescopic, support system surveys, pipe stress analysis, etc.
  • Destructive examinations such as metallurgical and chemical evaluations
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