Process/Energy Optimization

JCE’s Process and Energy Optimization programs consist of three phases.

  • Phase I entails our engineers working with our clients with the objectives of improving reliability, capacity, efficiency and environmental effects with minimum equipment modifications. At the conclusion of Phase I, a detailed report is compiled, covering points above with estimated costs and a schedule for implementation.
  • Phase II utilizes the report assembled during Phase I to create a detailed engineering plan.
  • Phase III is the actual construction and start-up of the modifications. In many cases, this construction can be done in stages and can be put into operation during normal maintenance turnarounds.

We have successfully optimized more than 30 plants since 1965; our system is proven to bring plants up to maximum reliable operating capacity, in the least amount of time and at a minimal cost.

James Chemical Engineering

James Chemical Engineering

As a technical consultant, James Chemical Engineering (JCE), a division of Thielsch Engineering, has serviced the chemical industry for over 50 years, providing a broad range of chemical process-related services.

CE has worked with clients in more than 30 countries, assisting plant owners in assessing the feasibility, both technical and commercial, from new fertilizer projects to plant expansions. In many cases, JCE has a continuing role in providing independent consultant services during the design and construction phases. JCE is called upon by industry, governments, and financial institutions world-wide, to provide technical, commercial, and management assistance on a broad range of chemical process-related services such as fertilizer consulting, process optimization (capacity, efficiency, reliability, and safety), feasibility studies, and design engineering.

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