Integrated Engineering

Thielsch Engineering employs an integrated engineering approach to virtually any type of project, from maintaining a plant’s mechanical integrity, to optimizing the safety and efficiency of a facility, to addressing an unexpected emergency situation. Our experienced staff of qualified engineers and technicians offers a broad range of coordinated mechanical, chemical, electrical, and civil engineering services that provide cost-effective solutions to our customers’ needs.

Mechanical Engineering

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Thielsch Engineering has over 25 years of experience performing failure analyses to determine the mechanical root cause of failures, many in liability cases. However, we do not stop at determining what went wrong, we also design solutions. We provide engineering evaluations and recommendations to address any damage while efficiently reintroducing the facility back into production. In association with our field service staff, we can manage and supervise all repairs. We have a staff of over 50 full-time multi-disciplined engineers, many of whom are licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.) in numerous states, and most of whom have advanced degrees in their area of expertise.

Chemical Plant Engineering

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As a technical consultant, our work has included virtually every aspect of chemical and fertilizer plant operations. We have performed feasibility studies for numerous projects worldwide, and our expertise in the various fertilizer processes, including ammonia, urea, DAP, SSP/TSP, and NPK, has established our reputation as valuable expert advisors. We also serve as the lender’s advisor for multiple projects requiring the preparation of quarterly financial and progress statements.

Civil Engineering

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The civil engineering services offered by Thielsch Engineering address a wide array of structural and construction concerns. Our team of engineers often conducts condition assessments of structural members in a variety of industrial, professional, and residential settings. Our experienced personnel have performed reviews of numerous girders, roofs, beams, foundations, and retaining walls. It is this diverse background in materials and structures that allows Thielsch Engineering not only to perform thorough inspections of steel and concrete structures, but to design and implement solutions as well. For decades, our hands-on approach, as well as the ability to perform all construction-related testing, has continually set Thielsch Engineering apart.

Electrical Engineering

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Thielsch Engineering offers electrical engineering services for virtually any type of facility. Our team of qualified experts provides a variety of studies and programs to assist a facility with any need, from energy savings to safety compliance, along with providing the planning and design of a wide range of electrical systems. Our electrical engineers work with project and facility engineers to determine the power requirements for a project, the specification and selection of electrical equipment, and identification of any hazardous atmosphere areas. We also provide documentation, procurement, and installation support for the electrical systems, and we establish the size and locations of motor control centers (MCC), transformer rooms, and other electrical equipment rooms.

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