Design Engineering

Thielsch Engineering (TEI) has a long history of providing design engineering services with clients that involve emergencies, short-notice critical problems, and/or maintenance support as well as the completion of multiple capital projects. These projects and services are performed over the span of an annual contract with renewal options and/or a long-term relationship with a repeat client.

In particular, engineering support performed in the past has included emergency services such as:

  • Investigating failures of equipment leading to plant shutdowns or major disasters
  • Short-notice requests for inspection or repair of equipment
  • Short-notice requests for reviews of plant operations, troubleshooting, and debottlenecking.

Engineering work in the form of capital projects has also made up a significant amount of design services for clients that look to TEI to help them with a critical issue, upgrade and expand their facilities, install new equipment or perform feasibility and engineering studies.

Depending on the kind of work performed in the scope of the design engineering services, the technical approach and allocation of engineering and/or management talent will be tailored to the specific needs of the services required. TEI is fortunate to have 350 full time employees and a wide range of in-house capabilities to perform many different services that may be required for on-call projects. TEI’s diverse engineering and inspection/testing capabilities allow quick turnaround and short-notice/emergency response when needed.

James Chemical Engineering

James Chemical Engineering

As a technical consultant, James Chemical Engineering (JCE), a division of Thielsch Engineering, has serviced the chemical industry for over 50 years, providing a broad range of chemical process-related services.

CE has worked with clients in more than 30 countries, assisting plant owners in assessing the feasibility, both technical and commercial, from new fertilizer projects to plant expansions. In many cases, JCE has a continuing role in providing independent consultant services during the design and construction phases. JCE is called upon by industry, governments, and financial institutions world-wide, to provide technical, commercial, and management assistance on a broad range of chemical process-related services such as fertilizer consulting, process optimization (capacity, efficiency, reliability, and safety), feasibility studies, and design engineering.

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