Design Engineering

Thielsch Engineering offers a wide range of design services to meet the needs of our customers. Our capabilities include the design of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEP/FP) systems for all types of facilities, including manufacturers, hospitals, municipalities, housing authorities, hotels, educational facilities, libraries, churches, and various industrial buildings and offices. Our process design services cover both the initial construction and the expansion of plant utilities, and we provide the design, specifications, and oversight of any construction for plant optimization, effectively reducing a facility’s operating and maintenance costs. In addition, our experienced engineers are experts in the selection of materials which meet applicable codes and are best suited to the design.

Building Design

Thielsch Engineering Building Design Thumb

Today’s high-performance building designs require an evolutionary approach. For this reason, our experienced engineers and technicians work together to produce designs with a perfect balance of innovation and practicality. Because we have invested heavily in revolutionary next generation design tools such as Building Information Modeling and assisted design software, we are able to generate advanced designs that maximize the quality and efficiency of your new or existing building. We assemble design teams which best address a project’s needs while remaining within a given budget. On every project we strive to identify the owner’s priorities, communicate the capital expenditure versus energy operational expense tradeoffs, and achieve the maximum efficiency allowed by budget and owner constraints.

Process Design

Process design

Thielsch Engineering is able to effectively reduce a facility’s operating and maintenance costs by providing the design, specifications, and construction oversight for plant optimization. Our engineering expertise is employed to improve plant control, instrumentation function, and piping design for a variety of plant utilities (power and steam generated, compressed air, coding waters, and inert gas).

We specialize in ammonia manufacture as well as in work with urea, phosphates, nitrates, and sulfates. Our expertise includes other technologies such as methanol manufacture, coal gasification, and pollution control systems for these processes. We also offer process design services for the plastics and food and beverage industries.

Material Design

Thielsch Engineering Material Design Table

Material selection is one of the most important aspects of designing components. Often, however, when a designer develops a product, the importance of proper material selection as well as the process used to manufacture the product can get overlooked or neglected. A product designer may select a material for its corrosion properties, yet fail to evaluate other fundamental factors such as cost, availability, durability or weldability. In many cases when a component wears out, failure analysis determines that the problem is the result of poor material selection.

Thielsch Engineering personnel have over 25 years of hands-on experience in selecting the proper materials and manufacturing techniques for a host of design projects. Our engineers have advanced degrees in Materials Science and have experience in all alloys of metals, ceramics, plastics, concrete, masonry and soils. Additionally, we also have experience in all manufacturing processes, including welding, casting, extruding, tool making, and rolling.

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