Demand Side Management

RISE Engineering

As one of the first one-stop energy solution providers in the United States, RISE Engineering has become synonymous with leading-edge resource conservation services for energy end users in all building sectors. The division has achieved a national reputation for its operation of innovative demand-side management, load building, and customer retention programs on behalf of gas, electric, and water utilities.

RISE provides a complete range of energy management services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential building owners and managers throughout the northeast, including:

  • Expert Engineering and Analyses
  • Design/Build Contracting and Comprehensive Project Management
  • Financing, Guaranteed Savings, and Direct Access to Utility Incentives

RISE Engineering employs a broad range of technologies to make buildings and homes more comfortable, healthful, affordable, and efficient. Among these technologies are:

  • Repairs, Retrofits, and Installation of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Equipment (HVAC) and Controls
  • Direct Digital Control Systems for Building Automation
  • Premium Efficiency Lighting, Variable Speed Drives, Motors and Controls
  • Thermal Envelope Efficiency Improvements, Including Insulation, Glazing/Windows Systems, and Instrumented Air Sealing

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